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Duane Wages has 12 years of experience as a local real estate agent focused on residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family and retail, serving a variety of clients in the Red River Valley. He offers a skill set and experience that has facilitated numerous transactions on his client’s behalf. With a working understanding of real estate finance, local industry and feasibility analysis skills, Duane can apply himself in scenarios that are beneficial to his clients. Creating, developing, and maintaining client relationships during and after a transaction is something that Duane takes pride in when conducting business. Duane enjoys the challenge of aligning the wishes of potential buyers with the expectations of the seller, which he accomplishes through his local market knowledge and personal drive to obtain positive outcomes for his clients. He serves as Vice President on the board of trustees for the Grand Forks Country Club and is a board member for the North Dakota Golf Association. As you may guess, if he’s not in the office, you can find him on the golf course!

Fun Facts

Duane used to play in a bowling league, went to school in Idaho to become a golf pro, tended bar at Bonzers for several years, and has two Golden Doodles and two cats.

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