Chelsie Kuhn


North Dakota # 9179

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Meet Chelsie, one of our real estate agents here at Dakota Home. Chelsie holds a degree in Marketing from the University of North Dakota. In 2010, she and her husband embarked on their entrepreneurial journey by founding MAK Construction. Initially, their focus was on residential concrete and building projects, but over time, their enterprise evolved into a thriving Commercial General Contracting company with approximately 50 employees.


Chelsie has played a pivotal role in nearly every facet of building and growing their company. However, her true passion lies in cultivating meaningful relationships with all those she encounters. She has been an accomplished realtor since 2015, primarily specializing in residential real estate. In recent years, her interest has gravitated towards Commercial Real Estate and Development. Leveraging her vast experience in owning commercial, residential, and multi-family properties, Chelsie employs her knowledge and insights to assist her clients effectively.


Currently residing in the charming community of Thompson, ND, Chelsie shares her home with her husband and three wonderful children. During the winter months, she enjoys family vacations to warm destinations, while the summer sees her spending quality time at the lake. On any given day, you’re likely find her at the CrossFit gym or a Yoga studio, nurturing both her physical and mental well-being.

Fun Facts

Chelsie owned and operated a Property Management company for three years.

8 Years in the Industry

Grand Forks Office

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